Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Wear: Church Service

As fun as the Christmas season is with all the parties with friends, Briana and I try to remember that the reason for all this celebration is the birth of Jesus Christ.  Church service has always been a part of our lives and there is something really special and wonderful about seeing a church lit up with candles and decorated with poinsettias.  Some of you may be going to church with your significant other's family for the first time, if you aren't a regular church goer, you should know that full coverage and tasteful is the way to go.  Also, find out how fancy church service is...many churches are getting progressively more casual, but there are still others where "Sunday best" is expected.  Here are a couple of more casual dress options:

Kate Spade Saturday - $160

J.Crew - $198

If your church is more formal, I'm loving these two options!  Talbots has really well-made clothing with classic designs.
Talbots - $199
Talbots - $199
Flats or heels, your choice!  Make sure to bundle up if your church takes their candles outside at the end of service.  You'll need cute gloves (watch for dripping wax!) and a warm coat.  Pearls are a great choice or other delicate jewelry.

Briana will be sharing her picks this afternoon!  What do you think of our series so far?

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