Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Wear: Christmas Eve Church Service

My church has a Christmas Eve service where we all get together in the sanctuary to sing Christmas hymns and listen to the story of Jesus's birth. A lot of people dress as they do for Sunday worship, but just as many dress a bit more casually. Every few years, though, I wear something totally outrageous. For example, this is my outfit inspiration this year assuming I have time to make the skirt.


Churches vary in terms of conservative clothing. Even though it is typically not an issue, I like to find out if the female congregation usually wears pants before picking my outfit. I don't think there is anything wrong with women wearing pants to church, but I also see no reason to flaunt my opinions when the end goal is to worship. For this article, we will assume you are getting dressed for a pants friendly church. Another (perhaps obvious) tip is to never wear a low cut anything such as a deep neckline or a low backed top or dress to someone else's church. It is just tacky.

Put extra and unnecessary zippers on a piece of clothing and I think I need it, like these high waisted pants from Zara. They are so much fun. I would totally wear them to my Christmas Eve service. The plaid pants from Zara are also pretty cool and trendy. Both pants go well with the red top, also from Zara - the black leather cuffs are understated but funky. I would tuck the top into the high waisted pants to get the full effect of those zippers. If you go with the plaid pants, the red top embraces the 90's resurgence while avoiding full on grunge. I want to get grungy and listen to Nirvana, just don't make me wear chunky heels. On that note, keep the outfit simple by throwing on a pair of sleek patent leather pumps so you can go crazy with your favorite accessories.

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