Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby Gifts

Whether it is for Christmas, baby shower, or birthday party, you have probably needed to buy a baby gift. Since not everyone is familiar with babies, here are my suggestions for what to buy for those babies this Christmas.

Stuffed animals are always age appropriate. Babies transition from enjoying looking at colorful soft things to wanting to tote a stuffed animal around on their many adventures. My favorite source of stuffed animals is the Jelly Cat store on Amazon. These stuffed animals are sooo cute, my favorite being the cordies. They are sold at Nordstrom, but you get a much better price purchasing through Amazon. Buy the smaller animals for infants and 15" or larger for toddlers. The Cordy Roy elephant is my favorite and the Bianca kitty is precious.

One of my favorite baby toys is the popper, which is perfect for babies just learning to walk. As they push the toy along, the plastic balls pop around the dome. Babies love it and adults love watching babies love it. Even better, this Fischer-Price popper is currently $10 and Amazon Prime!

One of the most popular chew toys (what I like to call teething toys) is Sophie the Giraffe. However, she is $21 so I would pick this $13.75 variation of the Sophie teether that will give babies more to gnaw on.

Corolle baby dolls are so pretty and smell like vanilla. They are light and soft - perfect for baby to carry.
I love this wood block stacker! The colors are great and the toy will grow well with the child. At first, the baby will just knock the blocks together and then begin to stack on the floor. Once motor skills improve, the baby can begin stacking on the base. 

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