Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to Wear: Bags, Shoes, and Jewelry - Oh My!

 This is our last installment of our What to Wear series Christmas edition!  I wanted to give y'all my fav picks for bags, shoes, and jewelry.  Briana has been giving hers as she goes, but I love my accessories more than I love my clothes a lot of the times...so I'm giving them their own moment in the spotlight!

If you are watching your pennies and can't afford a brand new outfit, consider buying a few accessories to liven up what you've already got in your closet.  You can either go with one bold statement piece or a few more subtle options.  The holidays are a great time to find fun and limited editions with a bit of glam to them.

For the handbags, I am absolutely, positively in love with the Coiled Geo Clutch from Anthropologie! I saw it in the store on Black Friday and it was probably a good thing the line to check out was wrapped around the store.  Gorgeous!  Totally wearable with all manner of sparkly things, but also great for 2014 with jeans.  I also couldn't believe the prices on the other handbags!  The black Zara bag would be great for any event and I would totally wear the yellow bow bag from Anthropologie to a casual girl's night.  Great finds and decent prices!


Image Source: Zara

Damask Scroll Clutch
Image Source: Anthropologie
Fringed Fanfare Clutch
Image Source: Anthropologie
Bowfold Velvet Clutch
Image Source: Anthropologie

Coiled Geo Clutch
Image Source: Anthropologie

By far, my favorite pick of my favorite picks for shoes has to be the Kate Spade feather shoes - love, love, love!  Also, if you have a pair of basic heels that already work for you (i.e. great shape, comfortable, broken in), try the shoe clips that I spotted at J.Crew.  I saw them in store and they are beautiful!  It's also a great way to head straight from work to an even without having to lug an extra pair of shoes around (there are also two more choices at J.Crew if you need more options).  The wedges and the studded pumps look the most comfortable to me.  I have a serious crush on the studded bows!  So perfect for a casual get together or even church service.  The Zara heels are by far the best value for the amount of flash you're getting!

Maisie Wedge
Image Source: Banana Republic
Sparkly High Heeled Shoe
Image Source: Zara

Etta Suede Studded Pumps
Image Source: J.Crew
Lulu Frost for J.Crew Shoe Clips
Image Source: J.Crew
Kate Spade Lilo Pump
Image Source: Nordstrom

These are two of the lower priced necklaces I spotted online - can't believe $30 for one!  Also, suprisingly, Talbots has very affordable jewelry (and usually a sale) with modern style and lower price points than say Kate Spade.  The J.Crew earrings are absolutely gorgeous and totally different!  I think it's a new take on a chandelier earring - lots of sparkle and long in length, but totally fresh!

Crystal Bib Necklace
Image Source: Nordstrom

Pave Flower Necklace
Image Source: Talbots

Resin Arrowhead Earrings
Image Source: J.Crew

What do you think?  Spot anything great here or elsewhere?  Let us know what you're wearing this season!