Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Save $ - Buy Gift Multiples!

Buying gifts for lots of people can certainly add up, even if your price point is a reasonable $25.  A great way to save money on buying gifts is to buy multi-packs and split them among your friends, neighbors, co-workers, book club members, hostess parties, etc.  Many companies are offering multi-packs of different items during the Christmas season.  I think it's perfectly acceptable to split up the packs to give out to friends (and maybe keep an extra for yourself!).  You can either give one of the items as a sole gift or if you feel you need to spend a bit more on the person, split up multiple, multi-packs.  Wrap them up nicely (I'm not a fan of the gift bag unless absolutely necessary for an odd shaped gift or an item too small to wrap in a box).  It also saves you from having to remember what gift to give to who if you give everyone the same thing...just package them up, put them in the car, and hand out as necessary.  QVC is a great resource for finding multi-packs on cosmetics and bath and body items.  They have a huge buying power, so companies are able to make different sets for them than what you will typically find in store.  Just be careful to take into account shipping costs (added bonus: QVC is on Ebates!) and try to avoid any makeup sets (there is usually one odd color that is hard to get rid of).  Here's an example to get you going (I'm taking into account all available discounts and Ebates bonuses.  However, I've excluded tax because that will vary from reader to reader.  For that same reason, I also didn't include shipping, unless it came from QVC because they have standard rates.):

Martha Stewart Set of 3 Bow Wine Bottle Stoppers
Image Source: Macy's

Philosophy Jelly Candy Kisses Lip Set
Image Source: QVC

Macy's Bow Stoppers - $33.82 for 2 sets or 6 stoppers (including 10% discount + 6% cash back through Ebates)
Philosophy Lip Set - $62.97 for 2 sets or 8 lip products (including price break on shipping for second order + 2.5% cash back through Ebates)
Total: $96.79
Total per Gift: $13.83 each for 7 gifts (one bow stopper and 1 lip product each, and 2 lip products for the last gift)

Sephora is another good choice for gifts:

Color Me Glossy Lip Set
Image Source: Sephora
These Stila lip glosses are pretty sheer and forgiving so you won't have to worry about making sure they look good on your gift recipient.  The set sells for $25.76 (taking into account 8% cash back from Ebates).  This is a great price for someone you would normally spend a bit more on...but even better if you are trying to split.  $8.59 for 3 gifts or $2.86 per gloss!!!

Sugar Treasures
Image Source: Sephora
Santa needs to get me this set, seriously...I will use it all!  It's $46 (with Ebates 8% cash back) so I doubt I will be seeing it under my tree, but for 7 gifts that's only $6.57 each.
Gettin' Cheeky
Image Source: Sephora
These Benefit highlighters are awesome...I like to use it on the top of my cheek bones. $15.64 for the set, awesome price for the set! (with 8% cash back from Ebates) or $5.21 each.
Good, Butter, Best
Soap & Glory
Image Source: Sephora
I honestly have not tried this brand, but the packaging is super cute and for the's worth a try!  $13.80 for the set, which is another awesome gift on its own (with 8% cash back through Ebates) or $4.60 each.
Tocca Beauty
Image Source: Sephora
Tocca is a great beauty brand...wonderful formulas and light fragrances!  $18.40 for the set (another great buy using 8% cash back through Ebates) or $6.13.

The products in these sets often sell for $10 each or more when you buy them outside of the set.  Don't be afraid to bust open that pretty packaging they usually come in and start splitting them up and divvying them out for all your small gifts.  These also make great stocking stuffers if you have a lot of women in your family!

What do you think?  Anyone else tried this before?  What other tips to do you have to save on gifts?  Let us know!