Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Tablescape Ideas

This morning I wrote about my low key plans for my New Year's Even with Mr. 3, but for those of you planning a big shin dig at your house or inviting a few friends over, here's some decorating inspiration for your parties at home!
Image Source: Style Me Pretty
Besides absolutely loving the mix of green, gold, and white and the sequin table runner (naturally),  I think that adding the gold noise maker across the plate is a great touch for a sit down dinner!  Check out the local party stores for their supply.  Adding the menu card is another classy move, but you may not have time to type one up and print one out.  Grab a pack of pretty note cards and a gold pen and write a quick note to each of your guests.  It can be as simple as "Happy New Year" on the front and "Best Wishes in 2014!".  If you are really pressed for time, buy flat note cards, a fun stamp, and a gold or silver ink pad.  Stamping is a quick way to achieve this look and by buying flat note cards that fit the plate, you won't have to waste time cutting paper.

Image Source: Whimsy
I think this is super fun and not too terribly difficult to execute.  Head to the craft store and buy a yard or two of tulle (depending on how big you want the the bow and how many chairs you have).  Tulle doesn't unravel, doesn't need to be ironed, and can be cut apart with a basic pair of scissors.  For the clocks, there are tons of free printables that math teachers use to teach elementary students how to tell time.  You can print out some of these on pretty paper and use a glitter pen to draw on the hands and over the numbers.
Image Source: Etsy
Love, love, love, LOVE a sequined tablecloth.  One of these is definitely on my wish list of things to own in life.  I'm also a big fan of gold flatware.  While you may not want to pick up settings for 12 tonight, I've spotted serving sets at Home Goods for less than $20 which is a great way to add a little glam to your table/party.  Metallics always go together, so don't be afraid to use your regular silver flatware with gold serving pieces.
Image Source:  Ruffled Blog
Super fun and unexpected dessert table!  Use what you have and then add in a few bunches of balloons for a twist.  There are also plenty of party garlands at the party stores, so feel free to string one across any buffet table you have.

Image Source: Lauren Conrad
Easy and quick DIY project.  Head to the craft store and pick up a pack of tea lights and a couple of different (but coordinating) rolls of washi tape.  Wrap the washi tape around the tea light and place in groups of 3 (any less and it looks dinky).

Image Source: Craft Gawker
You can also use the washi tape to label party cups and wine glasses.  Grab a metallic marker for a bit of extra glam.
Image Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Swizzle sticks!!!!! Great party touch and should be available at party stores or craft stores.

Image Source: 100 Layer Cake
Sugar rimmed champagne glasses are so pretty and easy to do.  The craft store, Target, Williams-Sonoma, or Sur la Table should have rimming sugars available.  Make sure to run a lime or lemon wedge around the glass before dipping in sugar to get it to stick.  Also, feel free to add a swizzle stick for even more fun!

Image Source:

Finally, for the love of your hostess sanity, set up a bar station.  If you don't have a bar cart, find a folding table and cover it with a tablecloth.  For barware, use what you've got - it doesn't matter if it matches, but try to arrange it neatly and group like items together.  The last thing you want to do is spend your party time playing bartender on the biggest drinking night of the year.

What's your favorite look?  Got any great party tips?  Share with us in the comments section below!  If you are still trying to decide what to wear, check out our suggestions here and here.  Don't forget to follow me on instagram for a look at my NYE date night planning!