Monday, December 16, 2013

Low Budget Christmas Decor

This is my first year decorating for Christmas. Last year, J and I were only in our Las Vegas apartment for about 9 days of December and none of my stuff had arrived yet, so I did not even bother. And this year, we are living the lives of new entrepreneurs, which means I didn't want to spend much on Christmas decor. This is the beginning of how I spent about $10 total on Christmas decorations.

First of all, we decided to go without a tree. I had no desire to give up any floor space in our teeny tiny apartment, or any table or counter space. Instead, I took inventory of all the general decorative stuff I have and themed my Christmas decorations accordingly. 

Mom had bought me a bunch of purple pieces last year and Josiah's grandma gave me two monogrammed julep cups for my bridal shower. Since I also had a ton of purple and silver glittery stuff from the wedding (more on that later), Apartment Rosmarin is having a very purple Christmas. One of my few purchases are those two red silk flowers. I needed to add a bit of contrast to the desk top, and also fill it out some so that the electronics on the far right were more hidden. I bought the flowers during a 60% off store sale along with an additional 25% off coupon. I just clipped off the leaves and cut all the stems so that I could arrange the blooms and leaves together. That flower on the right keeps giving me trouble, but I have more or less taped it into place. Use what you have, right?

I will be back throughout the week sharing the rest of my Christmas decorations!