Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Glitter Monogram

This week, I have been sharing how I decorated my apartment for Christmas spending only $10 by using what I already own. Even though J says it makes the apartment feel like a sorority house, I love repurposing glittery monogram letters to make my giant blank wall a bit more festive. 

Please ignore the box behind the couch. It contains a mirror that I decided not to hang. I would put it in my storage unit, but the box won't fit in my car. Thus, I have learned to ignore the box.

 J worked hard to hang my letters straight and even. There was a bunch of tiny shifts before I was happy. He is so patient. We hung the letters by putting tiny nails under each letter to support the weight. The R has two inside the top loop, as does the B. The J was a bit trickier - it has a nail under the top bar on each side of the vertical part, but it also needed a nail on the right side right above the curve because the letter kept wanting to tip. We just eyeballed the whole thing, so it is probably not perfect. However, it is better than the first picture represents. My photography skills are seriously lacking.

Remember my decorating theme of using what I already own? You must be wondering why on earth I own three giant glitter letters. Well, I used them for my wedding. The B and the J went up in my church's Christmas wreaths for the ceremony and the R was at the reception behind the bridal table. Come back for the tutorial on how I made these giant glitter letters! It is super easy and surprisingly relaxing.

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