Monday, December 2, 2013

What to Wear: Corporate Party

Briana and I are launching a week long series on "What to Wear" holiday edition.  When we were discussing our ideas for the series, I showed Briana a bunch of different which she responded: "I think we need a Florida edition, your options would make us sweat."  So dear readers, we will have a morning and afternoon edition for our "What to Wear" series.  Today, we are tackling the all important corporate party.  This is your chance to schmooze with clients, supervisors, and other divisions within your company.  It's a great opportunity to make an impression on your boss...maybe get your foot in the door for a transfer or a promotion.  If you are going to your significant other's party, the way you look and act will reflect back on them - so it's important that you look your best!

In my opinion, the biggest difference between a corporate party and a cocktail party with friends is the amount of your body that you should show off.  No one is telling you to show up in a nun's habit, but make sure your clothes are well tailored (but not too tight) and you are covered up!  So ladies, no strapless, no bandage dresses, and keep your hemline well below your lady bits.  Save it for New Year's (which we will be discussing later in the week!).  If that sounds boring to you, try something besides your favorite LBD (yay color!) and use accessories!  I would also recommend wearing close toed shoes and tights/hose...if it's 30 degrees outside I would certainly question your judgement in wearing sandals or even peep toe pumps to a party.  The frigid, shivering look is never attractive...especially if your legs turn blue.  Hobbling is also never cute, so if you are going to a true cocktail party wear lower heels...if it's a sit down dinner go for the high heels!

Now for some inspiration, here are some dressy options in universally flattering colors and they are right on trend with the lace texture (and offer an appropriate amount of coverage):

If you've got a nice shirt in your wardrobe already or if you find it hard to find dresses that fit, you could also throw that on with a pretty skirt like this one I spotted at Anthropologie this weekend (it's soooooo pretty):

This one also works really well...I love a bit of shimmer with tweed.

Talbots - $119
Either one of those skirts would look good with this silk top (more colors available):
Talbots - $99
The great thing about all of the clothes is that they can be re-worn for other occasions - none of them scream Mrs. Claus or mistletoe and reindeer.  They are also really good quality, so if you are making an investment this year you shouldn't have to make one next year!

Lots of these stores will be offering discounts over the next couple of weeks, so look for sales to help bring the prices down and don't forget Ebates!

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